Academic Support for Ukraine

English Philology

Dear Ukrainian colleagues,

We are devastated by the news of the Russian invasion in Ukraine. We stand united in our support of Ukraine! Even as the war is ongoing, we applaud your dedication to your students in continuing instruction. We understand that concentrating on teaching and research activities in such dire circumstances may be a heavy challenge, especially when your everyday life has been disrupted and as some of you had to evacuate without access to teaching materials. As your colleagues in academia, we have established this database in order to provide academic help for your curriculum. Below you will find a variety of materials that we are glad to share with you. The materials are divided into several subjects in the field of English philology (with a focus on English as a Foreign Language) that you might find helpful in your instruction. Our goal is to provide access to short activities that can be used in an online classroom setting – videos, readings, worksheets, exercises, etc. All of these can be used with minimal preparation and require between 15-30 minutes to complete. At this time, the list is rather limited, but we will continue to add materials.

If you have specific requests for materials, please feel free to contact us! We are glad to work with you on creating additional activities and exercises that would best fit your curriculum.

English Writing/Composition

Research Methodology & Academic Writing

English Reading/Literature/Film

English Grammar & Punctuation


Communication Studies & Discussion Topics

Interacting with Students after a Traumatic Event (Resources for Faculty)

This ongoing project is organized by Dr. Kira Gulko Morse (Department of English, Virginia Tech University, USA). We are very grateful to all the colleagues at Virginia Tech and other universities for contributing their materials to the database.

Burruss Hall is illuminated in blue and yellow in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. Photo by Christina Franusich for Virginia Tech.